Damn...it's been about 13 years between when I did my last production with DF Crew in Patterson NJ, 1994 (Fact One : Kaws : Sub : Gaze : Cycle : T-Dee : Jive : Emit). I think Kaws and I ventured off and copped some beans and rice from some little authentic Mexican joint. Anyway, Musica was one of my first pieces since then. It was part of the Goldbar Graff installation that I did back in January of 2007. I now have the ever growing itch to get back out there and spread my wings. Although family and day-to-day biz keep me bound to this effen machine.

Fact : Patterson NJ 1994 (bad flik)

Musica 2007 : Goldbar



As a spin off of the graff theme of the All City Cans and the NEW AriZona website (drinkarizona.com : not yet live) we are doing a series of apparel designs as well. The line consists of sweatshirts, trucker hats, tees, beaters (tanks) and more, even coolers. Stay tuned for more images.



This is another drink we collaborated with AriZona Bev। Co. and Pro Tennis Player Andy Roddick on. It is a vitamin infused sports drink (better for you than Gatorade). We launched the first flavor (Lemon-Lime) in conjunction with the 2007 US Open. The product hit the streets the first week in Sept. look for it. Also, aids well for hangovers : ) !


We worked with good friend and world renowned designer Rob McKinley (PM, CAIN, GOLDBAR) on the space and designed a graffiti installation that carried through out the entire space including the VIP DJ Booth, Foyer and all 5 bathrooms. All graffiti was done in Italian (worded by Marco La Villa who also developed the menu) and has gotten international recognition. A Spotlight centerfold article was published in Interior Design Magazine (March 07).


// NRG // energy drink

This is a series of limited edition graffiti inspired cans we designed with AriZona Bev Co. which will be in production within the next few weeks and distributed Nationally / Internationally by the end of Oct. 2007. We have been working with them on a series of projects...which I'll share later.