Virtual Graffiti : Times Square

What a rush...MPIRE hits the big time! Driving down 42nd Street to see our artwork illuminating 55 feet tall. We showcased 8 pieces of art we did for AZ in the center of Times Square. 0n October 19th, 2007 our artwork flashed in front of millions of New Yorkers announcing the new drinkarizona.com website and tantalizing the taste buds of consumers with our graff inspired designs. Stay tuned for more flix and posting and another chance to see our name in lights!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

All I can say is D*A*M*N*

You guys are my inspiration. So much talent, so much honest creativity. You deserve your successes and I'm so proud of you both.

Can't wait to see this LIVE and in person next month.