Inside Westchester

As we gain momentum with Project Westchester, we put together a brief behind the story segment to tell the story through the words of the writer/director and producers. Join our Fan Page on Facebook. We appreciate eveyone's support.


AnnieG said...

The production quality of this pilate looks amazing. I think I've watched all the clips for the characters, creators, trailer, and what ever else I could find on youtube about a hundred times over what is acceptable. I've emailed the production company's gmail addy and I'm not commenting on all your blogs!

I think Westchester has so much potential and is so amazing I want to do several pieces on it, the creators, and actors.

I really hope this badboy gets picked up--it deserves a slot on primetime tv. Moreover, I hope it gets picked up by Showcase or HBO so you guys can do what you want freely, because the audience for it is out there.


AnnieG said...

I'm NOW commenting on all your blogs, faux pas on my part.

AnnieG said...

And PILOT, not PILATE as in the Roman historical figure.